2 for 1 Special: “…says who?”

Today’s blog post will be a little different. There are two different things that I want to address, but they both fall under the same category.

Coincidentally, they’re both about videos…and each about a member from the group Floetry (their most popular song was “Say Yes”, for those who can’t remember).

We’ll start with Marsha Ambrosius (the light-skinned one with the AMAZING voice):

As you may or may not know, Floetry is no longer a group and both of the members have gone their own way and been doing their own thing, musically.

Sidenote: “Hope She Cheats on You” is one of my favorite songs. If you don’t know it, you’re sleeping on good music.

Now…back to what I was saying. I recently watched Marsha’s video for her song “Far Away” (which is also my jam). Watch the video and then we’ll chat some more:

Before actually discussing the video, can we talk about how great Marsha looks since she lost all of that weight? Fierce.

Anywho…apparently, this video is causing up a stir. “Why?”, you may ask. I’m the type of person that, not only likes to view certain things, but I like to hear other people’s feedback. The feedback for this video was either  “this video has a great message to love everyone” OR it was “this video promotes ‘down-low dudes'” (UMMM…..WHAT??) It’s strange because I saw A LOT of comments and video responses talking about how this video is about down-low guys (guys that are homosexual or bi-sexual, but don’t claim it) and how they’re afraid to come out because people will torture them.

Honestly, I can understand where people may have thought that the guy was originally with Marsha in the video, but really that was not the case. Marsha and the guy were friends and in the beginning of the video, she was showing that when everyone thought he was heterosexual, that he was well-accepted. Then, people found out he was homosexual, turned their backs on him, jumped him, and ultimately led to his suicide. If anything, the video promotes self-love and love for those around us.

That’s what I think, at least.

What are your thoughts on this video??


Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart (the one with the spoken words over the beat) recently released a video for her new track “Let Me”.

Controversial issue with her: Art vs. Just Plain Nudity vs. Body Image.

What has been said about this video is, not even the fact that she was naked the entire video, but that “her breasts were sagging” or that “she should have covered her stomach.” Despite the appealing aesthetic feel of the video, I can understand those who have an issue with the nudity, but to those who are only talking about how her body looks…


Not everyone has the same body. Just as long as you feel comfortable with your body and who you are, that’s all that matters. It’s annoying to me when people try to down others because they believe that their body looks better than the next chick/dude.

Know your worth. I applaud “The Floacist” for taking her video into her own hands and saying that she was going to wear nothing, in spite of what other people have to say. The video was clearly about intimacy and the idea of wanting each other. The nudity was a mere reflection of their desire for each other.

The video is also a representation of the relationship between Adam and Eve. The nudity played a role.

An argument that some people made was “If it was Nicki Minaj in the video naked like that, people would have a problem.”

*Clears throat and points finger to interject* In how many videos have we seen Nicki Minaj’s body? In how many videos have we seen The Floacist’s body? I rest my case.

And to those saying that she’s doing it for publicity: she’s not that type of artist. Clearly.

Your thoughts on this video, as well? Kthanksbye.

One thought on “2 for 1 Special: “…says who?”

  1. I absolutely agree that the comments of other people in both videos are controversial in the wrong ways. They just fail at understanding symbolism. I also would rather there be a meaning behind a video besides the goal of being on 106&Park’s top 10 countdown. lol Nice blog again Shelbo.

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