1. I’m so sorry about taking so long to update my blog, guys!

2. A lot of people have asked in the past why I don’t share my poetry on my blog and well…I never had an answer. So guess what, people…I’ve decided to share.


As you may or may not know, I am currently on a Civil Rights Pilgrimage for Spring Break with my school. We are traveling throughout the South, retracing the steps of the people before us and learning of their struggles.

It has been an amazing journey and made me reflect on how we all still share a link to them today. The fight is not over and the same tenacity that they had in them, we have in us. Hence, the poem. Read it and be blessed, my people.


Living Water


I stand tall upon the thighs given by my grandmother

Drenched in her sweat and tears

Making them my own


I bleed the blood of my grandfather

His body lay slain in the ditch of inequality


I dance with the feet of my mother

Trailing the unpaved roads with

Swollen and bare hymns


I ball up the fist of my father

Sharing the veins of authority

Boasting our power


I am who they are

We are

Each other


-Shelby Lanette


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