Knight Night

“Imma Do Me!”
First things first…what the heck does that even mean?

Like, who else would you be “doing”?
Sorry, I havent even gotten into the post yet and I’m already on a tangent.

Anywho, how are you guys?! I know I haven’t blogged in forever, but I promise to do better!

So this is a post I’ve been wanting to do for a while about something that I’ve always wondered.

You know how you watch those cute little romantic comedies in which, two people that are are seeing/ engaged to someone else, meet another person and instantly have a whirlwind romance and fall in love? We all “OOOHH!” and “AWWW!!” and tear up to the idea of a person finding their soulmate.

BUT WAIT…weren’t they already in a serious relationship with someone that they thought was their soulmate? Like…didn’t they get engaged to this first person?

We always focus on the newfound relationship, but never on the other person that got hurt in the process. What about the guy who got left at the alter?

We all thought it was beautiful when Whitley chose Dwayne Wayne at her own wedding. We all clapped and cheered for them getting back together, but what about Byron?
(For those that aren’t “A Different World” fans, reference the video below)

We all focus on the prince charming, but never on the stable boy that took care of the princess in waiting and fell in love with her.

We all are selfish. We think, “Yes. I found my love.” We never take the time to wonder what’s going on with the other guy/ girl.

Hollywood has clearly gotten hip to this and started making the other person really rude or a cheater or out to be some horrible person. In reality though, you know what we learn? To go out for self. We only think to care about how we feel and not how others may feel about us.

In case you’ve never been in this situation, let me break it down for you with a real-life example:
Earlier today I was supposed to take a test. There was a really bad wreck on 75 and my teacher was running late, forcing him to make the test a take-home that will now be due Friday.

Your initial thought is probably something like mine was: “That’s God!”
Well…think again.
You fail. -__-

We still managed to overlook the important part. Not that my test got pushed back, but that there was a REALLY bad car accident on 75 and people were hurt.

Everyone in the class was excited (as was I), but I couldn’t help but to think, “What if we’re happy our test is changed and someone out there lost their life?” We could be benefiting from someone else’s loss.

It’s the same way with the heart. Don’t fall into the benefit of someone else losing their love.

We must observe our actions and how they effect those around us. We must learn to love freely, but consciously.

Sometimes it’s better to put the Knights to rest and give the Jester a chance at romance.

One thought on “Knight Night

  1. Really good one & oh so true! We are so focused on self & forget that others are effected by the decisions that we make.

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