I Almost Checked Myself Into A Psych Hospital

I went to work everyday, helping others and putting a smile on my face, but no one knew deep down inside that I was falling apart.

Coping for Kobe: 20 Alternative Healing Methods for 2020

I’m not one to be consistent with pills and prescriptions. It’s a horrible trait, but I stand in my truth. Due to my struggle with commitment (and I mean that in so many ways, honey), I looked into other ways to deal with my anxiety and depression. I began typing this post a week ago,Continue reading “Coping for Kobe: 20 Alternative Healing Methods for 2020”

“I’m not OK”: Working through Trauma While Coping with Mental Illness

Me hearing that my mind works differently and processes things differently only proved that what she was telling me was true.

Basically, I discovered myself after all of that chaos and, sis, I was shook.